The Lounge Kittens was devised by Jenny Deacon and Timia Gwendoline, who met during a production of Sondheim's 'Company' In late 2012, Zan Lawther, a mutual friend from choir was drafted in during an evening of gin-fuelled refreshment...

Their debut shows struck a chord with audiences and bookings started to come in for private parties, charity events, cabarets, boozy pub shows, weddings, and support slots in sweaty rock clubs for sweaty rock bands.

When it came time to record, Jenny contacted Olli having used his live sound engineering skills a few times over the years. Olli & The Kittens hit off instantly and begun work on their debut 6 track mini album 'Just The Tip.'  With his extensive experience of working with harmony groups, Olli was able to create a pristine recording that still captured the quirky, live feel that the group's fans had come to adore. Their studio recordings are a careful balance of tidy production on the one hand, and boisterous charm on the other!

'Just The Tip' went on to sell nearly 1000 copies during the Kittens UK and European arena tour with the bad boys of heavy metal Steel Panther, and its subsequent videos have racked up 1.5 million plays on YouTube.

Next The Kittens asked their fans to help fund the 15 track debut album 'Sequins & C-Bombs.' It was a fantastic success reaching 221% of the Pledge Music goal, and after 10 months of sessions the album finally hit the shelves in September 2016, entering the iTunes Rock Chart at No. 10!

“We’ve been working with Olli since the beginning and he fully understands how to capture our ideas on record; he makes the process completely interactive and he always manages to bring out the best in us. We cannot recommend Olli enough if you’re looking for a producer that’s as passionate as you are about your music. In fact, wait, we need him. Ignore everything we’ve said… HE’S OUR LITTLE SECRET!”

The Lounge Kittens

Genre: Harmony Trio / Lounge Rock.

Band Members: 3

Recorded with Olli: 2014 - present.

Claim to Fame: Their YouTube cover of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Rollin’ went viral, gaining the attention of front man Fred Durst - who then had them open for him at Sonisphere Festival. Since then they have toured with Status Quo & Steel Panther as well as selling out The 100 Club as part of their own headline tour.