The Knights Project

Genre: Eclectic Folk

Band Members: 7

Recorded with Olli: April - July 2015

Claim to Fame: Their first EP has been compared to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Jethro Tull - by none other than former Oasis guitarist, Noel Gallagher.

A popular band on the Brighton gigging and festival circuit, The Knights Project decided in March 2015 that it was time to take their music to the next level and record their first EP. The folky seven-piece wanted a recording that captured the live feel of their music, yet still sounded polished and professional enough to send to promoters. Having heard about Olli through another local band, lead singer Lucy got in touch to see if such a recording was possible.

It soon became clear that Olli was a perfect match for the band. As an experienced live sound engineer as well as a music producer, he understood the acoustic-style sound they were looking for and could explain how to achieve it. What’s more, as many of the band’s members had never recorded before, Olli’s hands-on style of music production and technical guidance was particularly important, both on the day of recording and during post-production editing.

The finished 5-track EP, Something Shakes the Dust Up, got a fantastic reception - and the band recovered almost all their recording costs through CD sales on the night of the EP launch, at Coachwerks in Brighton. Best of all, however, the band have a permanent, professional recording that is a true reflection of their sound at this exciting point in their lives.

“This is the happiest I have ever been with a recorded representation of my music! Olli was extremely personable and enthusiastic, which is important to me. He made us all feel comfortable and confident, which in the end is what allowed us to do our best live performance. His passion for his work really shone throughout the whole process, from setting up mics on the first day of our live recording to the final mixes."