"A veteran of the live scene with over a thousand gigs under his belt, Swervacious (Swerve for short) has been recording songs for many years.

Whether with analogue tape or hard disks, he's always strived to capture the essence of his band in his recordings.  To this end, Swerve teamed up with Olli and, with the help of some top session players, recorded his songs live in a dance studio - tracking the rhythm section playing as they would at a gig, before adding various vocals and production as overdubs.

The result is a pristine yet thoroughly honest recording, with all the feel and energy of a live show!  Swerve and Olli continue to collaborate on various tracks with a busy schedule of releases in the pipeline…"

"I've worked with Olli now for several years, and I can't recommend him highly enough.  Not only does he have a complete command of all the software, hardware and recording techniques you'll ever need - but he's extremely patient, a good listener, and happy to accommodate my annoying habit of fixating on tiny details.  My advice: book this man - you won't regret it."


Genre: Pop / Soul / Rock

Recorded with Olli: 2013 - present