At first glance Siri might appear to be a traditional singer-songwriter; she plays piano and sings, lyrical ballads of a few minutes in length, but when she gets in the studio, all the rules go out the window!

Siri's music is an eclectic mix which, while rooted in good old fashioned song writing includes elements of electronica, trip hop, synth pop and trap. A lot of the decisions around aesthetic style of each track are made in the studio as part of the recording process. There is a lot of experimentation with alternative, inventive sounds and ways to bring the song to life in an unconventional or atypical way.

Olli has worked with Siri on three singles. Developing the sound of the songs as part of the recording process helps to create a truly integrated production sound that is both distinctive and unique to Siri's music - which can get pretty dark!

"Olli a highly skilled producer and engineer, who fully engages in any project he works on, suggests ideas I'd never thought of which has made a huge difference to the tracks, offers creative and technical advice and also happens to be a genuinely lovely person! I've worked with Olli on a number of projects now and would definitely recommend him to other artists"

Siri Løøf

Genre: Electronica / Trip Hop

Recorded with Olli: 2013 - present