After meeting at Southampton’s River Studios in 2010, singer-songwriter Rich Lown enjoyed recording with Olli so much that he specifically requested him for his next project - since then, Olli has been Rich's exclusive producer. They have produced 3 EPs and a full album to date.

A talented singer-songwriter, Rich has the vocals and guitar line of his songs down to a fine art, while Olli’s input fleshes out the tracks and brings them to life by adding drums and arranging bass, backing vocals and other instrumentation. In each project, the aim has been to capture Rich’s vocal and guitar acoustics in their purest form and work out how best to complement them with appropriate and thoughtful instrumentation - without overpowering or diluting the sound by over-production. Rich’s career continues to go from strength to strength and he and Olli look forward to working together on future projects.

‘Not only has Olli become a great part of my music over the years but he’s also become a great friend too. His passion, commitment and knowledge are second to none and I’ll always be grateful for his contribution to my music career. I can’t recommend him enough!’

Rich Lown

Genre: Acoustic Folk Rock

Recorded with Olli: 2010 - present

Claim to Fame: One of the tracks Olli recorded and produced for Rich won him a competition to support Joan Armatrading, while another was used on Hollyoaks.