Recording an EP of original material has been a lifelong ambition for Rob. So when it came time to actually get it down, he was determined to find the right producer. He contacted Olli and over after a few emails, they arranged to meet and discuss his project.

Rob's songs are all written about major personal experiences from his lifetime, the EP title is, in fact the ages when the most significant of these events occurred; an idea that developed during the recording process. Being new to studio recording Rob enjoyed having something to help guide him through how best to approach each track to achieve a sound that felt right. He was blown away by the possibilities as Olli started experimenting with production techniques and together they created an EP that went beyond Rob's expectations.

Now armed with an amazing EP that he is excited to share, Rob is starting to gig on the local and national scene.

Rob and Olli are now about to start work on his debut album.

'All I can really say is; book Olli if you’re a musician looking to record. He's exceptionally talented, patient, encouraging & above all else a really, really nice guy. You’ll have a blast, and an amazing sounding record at the end of it all.'

Remayn (Robert May)

Genre: Acoustic Folk

Recorded with Olli: March 2016 - Present