The Red Diamond Dragon Club initially formed as an open collective of musical friends jamming together. Some 15 people attended a scattering of rehearsals before the core group solidified into the band as it is today.

RDDC have never been ones to rush anything and recorded their debut album with Olli over a period of 2 years, taking the time to explore their sound and experiment with different ways of capturing the animated vibrancy of their live performance.

Some tracks were recorded in a big studio and played live, some were created piece by piece using synths and drum machines.

The music was written with no rules and features influences from a huge range of genres including pop, rock, folk, electronica and hip hop.

RDDC and Olli are currently working together on the band's second album.

'Working with Olli has always been a great experience. It's rare to find someone with the patience (and the prices!) needed to really get stuck in and create something new and different in the studio.'

The Red Diamond Dragon Club

Genre: Indie Pop / Electro-Folk

Band Members: 7

Recorded with Olli: 2011 - present