When Mike and Olli first started working together, Mike was the front man of alt rock band 'Fallen'. As his song-writing and musical vision developed Mike decided to write and record a solo EP; and he knew that he wanted to take as long as necessary to get it just right.

After a whole year of sessions across three different locations and with the help of loads of friends and session musicians 'Live Your Life Again' was finally released in the summer of 2016 to great critical acclaim.

A totally unrestrained exploration each song's potential, the EP is an expansive and diverse production ranging from good ole' fashioned rock to a vast, euphoric ballad, to jaunty acoustic 'live lounge' style tunes.

Since its release Mike has been gigging and selling copies as well as writing new tunes for the inevitable second EP!

“I couldn't recommend this any higher, a brilliant idea for any music lovers or talented singers/musicians. Not only is Olli crazy talented but also the nicest guy you could meet. Get on it!!”

Michael Parma

Genre: Acoustic Folk Rock

Recorded with Olli: 2013 - present

Claim to Fame: Music is actually Mike's second carrier in the public eye; he used to be a pro footballer!