Jordan has been singing since he can remember and wrote his first song at the tender age of 9. Like so many singer songwriters, creating music is something that came naturally to him, and he has been honing his songs and style for his whole life. No wonder then that when he decided it was time to record his debut EP, he was a little apprehensive about someone else getting involved!

His concerns were quickly eased when he started working with Olli. Their sessions typically started with Jordan playing Olli the song they would work on that day - just him and his guitar, the way it had always been. The two would then then chat about the song, its influences and how it could best be represented in a recording. After recording Jordan's guitar part and a guide vocal Olli would suggest extra instrumentation from drums and guitars, bass, synthesisers and even stings and horns to help build on the essence of the song, creating a full radio ready production, before laying down lead vocals and mixing the track. After a few weeks Jordan's debut EP 'What Would You Do' was born!

And it seems the pair's careful production of the songs paid off - the release reached number 8 in the iTunes singer-songwriter chart, nestled between the likes of Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Jake Bugg, and the lead single, Superman, reached number 75 in the iTunes Top 100! Jordan's career as a singer songwriter was launched and he was able to pay back the cost of the recording (and a loan from his parents!) from the initial sales alone.

“After a week spent recording, Olli was able to transform my acoustic songs into a creative and commercially successful album. I know that without Olli's brilliant creative influence on the project, the EP would not have performed so well in the charts as it did. An innovative, bubbly and extremely talented producer, Olli is capable of turning simple songs into guaranteed toe tappers for all to enjoy!”

Jordan Sheath

Genre: Acoustic Pop Rock

Recorded with Olli: 2013 - present

Claim to Fame: His debut EP climbed to number 8 in the iTunes singer-songwriter chart, with its lead single, Superman, reaching number 75 in the iTunes singles chart.