1)  Get in touch.

First things first: contact Olli! The initial conversation will establish:


  • What kind of recording you’re looking for
  • How many days you’ll need to record
  • Price estimates (see our price packages for an example)


2)  Recording.

This is where things get exciting. The big day will run as follows:


  • Arrive at the studio / recording space, where Olli will be waiting to guide you through the recording process from start to finish.
  • Remember, you can continue doing takes until you’re completely happy that you’ve got the recording you want.


3)  Production stage / overdubs.

Once the recordings have been finalised, you will work with Olli to decide on extra instrumentation, production ideas and add any overdubs.


4)  Additional production, mixing and mastering.

All carried out by Olli Daffarn in his studio. Once completed, you’ll get to listen to a rough first mix of your tracks and suggest any changes you want made.


5)  Editing.

All packages include a reasonable amount of editing time as standard - there will always

be tweaks that need making after the first listen and we have costed for this.


6)  Final Mixes.

Once you’ve received your final mixes it’s really over to you - but Olli can give advice on what formats you might what to release your album in (CD, digital, or even vinyl) and how to circulate it (e.g. how to put it on Spotify). Many of our artists have found that holding a CD launch has made them a lot of their money back - if this is something you’re interested in, we can offer recommendations as to local venues and promoters and put you in touch.


Services Offered

  • Anything from a single track to a full album.
  • Full-band recordings or vocals over a backing track - and everything in between.
  • Complete recording, production, mixing and mastering.
  • Personalised packages designed around you and your project.
  • Sensible, affordable prices.
  • Free-of-charge guitar accompaniment (if required).
  • Plus: mixing, mastering and editing of pre-recorded material.

Looking for a recording?

Here's how it works: