The first time Holly stepped into a recording studio was as part of a development programme where she worked with various producers to find her own sound. Olli was one of those producers; four years and a couple of re-locations later they are still working together!

Since her debut EP, Holly and Olli have released two singles and Holly's sound continues to evolve.

A talented and diverse writer with eclectic influences Holly isn't afraid of exploring the potential of her songs across a range of genres - sometimes releasing multiple different productions of the same song. One such example is "Hydrated" which was originally written on acoustic guitar - after recording a faithful representation of Holly's original performance, the pair worked together to create a radio ready tropical house mix of the same tune!

Out of all the producers I’ve ever worked with, Olli is by far my favourite. Not only is he amazing at what he does, he’s a great laugh too!

Although I have to travel a 400 mile round trip for a session, It is definitely worth the journey.

Genre: Acoustic Pop / House

Recorded with Olli: 2014 - present

Claim to Fame: A national finalist in Open Mic UK Holly has also performed live for BBC Introducing.