Shameless 2000's pop! That was the vision and motivation behind Heather's debut album 'Day Dreaming' ...that and stacks of vocal harmonies!

Heather and Olli first met in 2012 for what was originally going to be a single track as a bit of fun. The results were so good however, that the project developed into a full 13 track album. Working with vocal coach and harmony arranger Dan Cooper over many many months they put together a fun and faithful homage to the pop sound of the early 2000's that Heather loves.

Spending up to four days on a single track and sometimes a whole session on the intricate layers of backing vocals the album has a huge, radio pop sound... plus the odd rap thrown in for good measure!

This album is what I've always wanted to achieve and I can't thank him enough. If you are thinking about recording a song then I highly recommend Olli. I will definitely be going back to record more! I just wish I had found him sooner.

Heather Day

Genre: Pop

Recorded with Olli: 2012 - present

Claim to Fame: Heather funds her music with the profits from a semi-pro modelling career.